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Forum Rules

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:47 am

Hello everybody!

Welcome to the Dog Forum! The purpose of these rules is to keep the forum functioning well as a community. The rules apply to all posters, whether they are registered members or posting as guests.

~Users may not post messages that contain content promoting the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, nudity, or any other form of adult content, profanity, hate, "spam," fraud, racism, mlm (multi-level marketing), pyramid schemes, or promote any illegal activity.

~Users' posted messages must be in English.

~Lying about your age is not allowed! Lying about your age in order to join the forum will result in a ban of at least one month or until you turn 13, whichever is longer.

~Debate is allowed on the forum. Flaming and hurtful personal comments on the forum are not, and neither are comments or threats made outside the forum (via email, instant message, etc). Violating this rule will result in a ban or deletion of the offending member's account.

~Please post sensibly. There is no need for 10 posts in a row containing just smilies - please use the 'modify' function if you wish to add to a post after it has been posted. Users who repeatedly post nonsense or spam posts will be warned by the staff and the staff can impose a ban of at least one week for not listening.

~Please stay on topic! Do not change a topic on threads. Please do not start talking about unrelated things. When you need to talk about another topic, you can start a new thread or send a private message!

~Hot-linking photos from other websites is not allowed! Hot-linking can present a serious drain of bandwidth for some websites. Only photos from Dog Breeds may be used, or from other websites that give permission. Otherwise please post links.

~Cite your source when you use information that is not yours. It is important to acknowledge references to other people's work and quotes from websites/forums, not just because it is good manners and practice, but also because it is often useful for people to know the source and credentials of any piece of information. This applies to images as well as written information! For example, this whole site is based off of a successful forum I am a member of. I got my ideas from them XD

Posts that do not comply with these rules will be edited or deleted. Members or guests that will not follow these rules, especially after warnings, will be temporarily or permanently banned.

Thank you in advance!

The Staff


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